They’re terrifying.

I’m not talking about the tall creatures with ugly teeth and big feet, and I’m not talking about the football team either. I’m referring to the giants we all face every day – the things we struggle with, the sorrows we feel, the trials we face, and just the general pressure that life can put on us sometimes. Even people that get under our skin and manage to affect the way that we live and the way we treat others can be considered “giant-like.” In my experience, giants can range anywhere from a flat tire, to a nagging thought in the back of our minds that’s always eating away at us. Obviously, Satan is our biggest giant, but sometimes he manages to sneak his way through the back door and disguise himself as something a little less obvious – whether it be fear, anger, jealousy, hatred, aggravation, or something else. 

I have no doubt that we all struggle with our own giants – I know I do. Sometimes they vary from day-to-day, and other times they vary from season-to-season. In some cases, they can even be constant. Whatever your giants may be and however frequently you face them, I want to let you know that you’re not alone in what you’re feeling and going through.

Those giants of ours can be mean, cruel, hateful, and terrifying – especially when they won’t go away. No matter how hard we try and fix things, repair things, or put a band-aid on top of them. Truth is, this life can be extremely tough at times for everyone, but there is a God who will fight for us harder than any of those giants are fighting against us. I could go into this a bit deeper, and I may just do that one day, but today I want the topic of this post to head in a different direction. So, let’s see if I can get my thoughts organized long enough to get out what I’m trying to say, shall we?

Over the past few weeks, having come face-to-face with a few of my own giants, God has put a specific thought heavy on my heart, which is ultimately what inspired me to write this post. The more days that pass and the more of life that I experience, the more I realize how much I would hate it if I knew that I were the giant that someone has to face every morning when they wake up. I couldn’t live with myself happily and comfortably if I knew that I was making life harder for someone else, whether it were mentally, emotionally, spiritually or some other way. Can you imagine discouraging someone in the work God has called them to do? Or putting someone down because they’re not living life the way you think they should, even if they’re living to please God and they are walking right with Him? 

It’s easy to think to ourselves, “well, I don’t do that, so I have nothing to worry about.” But friends, we don’t necessarily have to step all over someone to make life harder for them. Our words and our actions have such a huge impact on people and the way they live – more than we could ever realize, I believe. To this day, I still think about small things that people said to me years ago, sometimes without even realizing I’m doing it. 

I suppose to give a brief explanation of just exactly what God brought to my attention would be to say this: we’re all human. We’re all on this earth together, not one of us better than the next, walking each other home on this path we call life. I don’t want to make anyone else’s path harder to walk down – instead, I want to be sure I’m loving the way that Jesus did, helping people along their way, and (when prompted by the Holy Spirit) minding my own business when I should.

(( I 100% believe in taking our concerns to others privately and discussing things and bringing things to their attention in a loving way. However, I also believe that the only one that can ever truly change a person is God, and if we care in the way that we say we do, we’ll take it to Him first and follow His instructions regarding situation. ))

Maybe we have the best of intentions. Maybe the only thing going through our minds when we say or do something for/to someone, is encouraging them, showing them love, and building them up. But what is so easily not seen a lot of times is that to some, it’s not coming off in the best way, but rather in the worst. It’s possible that while saying what we feel may be all of the right things, we’re actually saying all of the wrong ones. 

And maybe some of us don’t have the best of intentions; maybe we wake up every morning and our first thought is, “how can I ruin someone’s day today?” In which, if that is the case for you, I truly apologize that your life is so miserable that you feel the need to make everyone else’s miserable too. But if you get your high from putting others down, I wish you could understand that doesn’t make you look bigger, stronger, or braver – it just makes you look sadder and smaller. I’ll be saying an extra prayer for you tonight, and I want you to know that even though everything going on in your life right now says otherwise, you are loved. You are cared for and your life matters. Don’t give up – take it to the foot of the cross. God will help you if you’re truly seeking Him. 

Whatever your intentions are, our words (even the smallest and quietest ones) can make the biggest impact and have the biggest effect on those around us. Our actions go along with that as well. 

I just wanted to throw all of that out there and share with you what God has put on my heart over this whole subject lately. I also want to be sure and ask myself each day: am I someone’s giant? Am I making life harder for someone else? Am I causing someone’s path of life to be that much harder to walk on than it already is? I want to be careful with the way that I carry myself and the things that I choose to do – because as we’ve been hearing for quite a while at church now, someone’s always watching.

Are you someone’s giant?

I’m not trying to condemn anyone, I simply just want us all (myself included) to be aware of just how important this subject really is. After all, if we want to see a change in the world, we first have to start with ourselves, right? 

Let’s be kinder. Let’s spread more positivity. Let’s show more love. If we don’t, who will? 

Friends, we are called to live and love like Christ to everyone – not just certain people. So let’s love.

Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16

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