A Perfect Christian Life

I’ve come to notice that there are a lot of people who try and make the “Christian life” look perfect. They make it (or themselves) come off as if there are no struggles or trials once they’ve accepted Jesus into their lives – as if everything is suddenly all figured out. That, or that their faith is rock-solid 100% of the time and that being a Christian means that everything is peachy-keen. 

But this is far from the truth. Inviting Jesus into our life doesn’t mean that we never struggle with hardships or deal with things that make us feel like they’re going to take our breath away sometimes. It means that we now have someone who can bring us through those things and carry us through the storms that we never would’ve made it through on our own. 

It means that the things we struggle with on a daily basis – such as temptations, loss, heartache, pain, change, and everything else – are all trials we can overcome through the Holy Spirit. By God’s amazing grace, we don’t have to ride on the rollercoaster of this life alone. Thankfully, we have the opportunity to know the one who not only designed it, but is in control of where it goes.

It means that in the areas where we fail and are the weakest, that is where God shows his strength the most.

I don’t think we receive perfect knowledge, understanding, wisdom, and strength all at one time the moment we accept Jesus into our hearts. I used to believe that. In fact, I thought for the longest time that something was wrong with me because I was not perfect in that way. (First off, no one is perfect in anything they do. No one except for Jesus Christ, who was, is and always will be the image of perfect love and obedience to God.)

I do think, however, that the things God allows to come into our lives and affect us in one way or another (good or bad) are things that we grow in each and every day. Perhaps that is why certain things happen to us that we can never understand. Maybe God is testing our faith, or has a bigger purpose for our pain (like growth) than what we are seeing at the moment.

For example:

How would we know what happiness is if we’d have never felt sad or unhappy in the first place?

How would we know what love is, if we had never felt or seen hatred before, or had not known what it meant to be unloved in some way?

How would we know how wonderful it feels to run into God’s loving arms if we had never felt the sting of rejection from someone else?

How would we know what it feels like to be at peace and whole, and content in the Lord if we’d never known loss or heartache?

My point here is that everything happens for a reason. And that behind every pain, no matter what it is, is a purpose. 

For there is not a word in my tongue, but, lo, O Lord , thou knowest it altogether.
Psalms 139:4 KJV

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not disagreeing with the fact that once we have Jesus, He then helps us on this road of life and certain things then become easier. I 100% agree with that. What I don’t agree with is this whole idea and mask of perfection that some people put on once they start taking their spiritual life seriously. Because the truth is, whether you admit it or run from it, sometimes, even while being a Christian, life can be tough. Life can be a slap in the face, or even somewhere that hurts much worse than that. 

The good news is, though, that even when we are hurting and broken, there IS hope. There is light in the darkness. There is joy in the middle of pain. There is laughter in the middle of tears streaming down your face. There is help. There is strength. There is power to overcome what feels impossible. There is kindness and love in the middle of war.
And his name is Jesus. 

Thank you for reading this post if you’ve made it this far and I cannot wait for whatever else the Lord may put on my heart to share with you here! May you have a wonderful day/night wherever you are and never forget just how much you are loved. ❤ Feel free to follow me on Instagram as well! (linked below)

Jesus loves you!

8 Replies to “A Perfect Christian Life”

  1. Oh, Daelynn… I am so proud of you, and I know without a doubt in my mind that your mom is too! I wholeheartedly agree with all that you have shared with this message, and I love seeing the joy in your heart through sharing your thoughts. So encouraging! Thank you for putting these beautiful thoughts into words.❤️

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  2. Daelynn, I just came across your blog. I love your ability to write, you are gifted. But most of all, I love that you recognize the One who is the Healer of our hearts. I’m proud of the beautiful young lady you are. Keep your faith as it is an encouragement to me and my spiritual journey.

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  3. So beautiful and so true, I love your heart sweet girl. What an amazing writer you are and using that gift to glorify that most holy , Jesus Christ and God the Father!

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  4. Very beautifully written, Daelynn, and so true. ❤️ Being a Christian does not promise a perfect life. Most Christians we read about in the Bible were persecuted and faced trials of many kinds. This verse made me think of what you had written. Psalm 138:7 KJVS
    [7] Though I walk in the midst of trouble, thou wilt revive me: thou shalt stretch forth thine hand against the wrath of mine enemies, and thy right hand shall save me.
    Please keep writing and sharing your thoughts. So encouraging ❤️🙏

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  5. Daelynn, Reading your post is such a blessing . You are a remarkable young woman and God has given you a wonderful gift. With your talent for art as well as writing, the opportunities for you are unlimited. God has a purpose for you. The words you shared in this post will help and encourage those who read it. God Bless you.

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