welcome home {a poem}

I lie still in the silence,

The whole world at rest,

While the weight of a thousand sorrows,

Lays heavy on my chest

I know not my own weakness,

My strength I cannot find,

With passion I run after you,

But end up leaving you behind

Oh, the bitter taste of sin,

My wicked heart, a stone,

This weight upon my shoulders

That I picked up all on my own.

In thy dear mercy, please hold me

My famished soul do fill,

And upon this guilty back of mine,

Lord, please clothe me still.

Thy coat I do not deserve,

Nor for my presence to even be known,

Yet you wrap me in your loving arms,

And whisper, “welcome home.”

I wrote this last night at midnight, laying in my bed, overthinking a decision I had made earlier that day. This was a result of telling the Lord exactly what I was feeling, and I wasn’t so sure about sharing my deep, midnight thoughts with the world, but I’m also thinking that if someone can find encouragement or relate to this and get the slightest bit of comfort from this, than it is most certainly worth sharing. I hope you enjoyed this poem and I look forward to sharing more of what the Lord puts on my heart.

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